Troop 308 Eagle Scouts

Troop 308’s 2016 and 2017 Eagle Projects, contributed over 2742 hours of service to our community.  In addition to these service hours, in 2017, Troop 308 contributed another 2200 hours of service to our community.

The following is a list of 2016 and 2017 Troop 308 Eagle Scouts and their projects:

Trey Hooker Primate Jungle Gym/Cameron Park Zoo 69 Hours
Nick Mohan Bike Trail Bridge/Wounded Warrior Trail 560 Hours
Luke Johnson HydrophonicGarden/Indonesia Orphanage 59 Hours
Kristopher Jones Sensory Trail/Reach 185 Hours
Joseph Cody Standup Desks/ Rapport Academy 239 Hours
Evan Mastin Picnic Tables/ Boys & Girls Club 48 Hours
Luke Horner Fuzzy Friends Whelping Boxes 320 Hours
Preston Hughs Friends for Life Landscaping 74 Hours
Benjamin Oren Ringle Antioch Stars Lot Improvement 197 Hours
Ross Steinbach Mother Neff CCC House Improvement 540 Hours
Evan Garrett Strot Fish Habitat Lake Waco 120 Hours
Grant Bowman Woodway Baptist Prayer Walk 120 Hours
Niklas Larson Reach Riding Center Ramp 211 Hours
Total 2742 Hours


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