Troop Rules of Conduct


11329894_868119719902952_5022910742685007326_nTroop 308 has expectations of all people attending a scouting event, whether it is a meeting, camp out, or other activity.  These expectations dictate the conduct of everyone, including scouts, registered adults, parents, and siblings.

Troop 308 has developed a Conduct Code that scouts and their families must commit to.  This code is designed to keep Troop meetings and activities civil and Scout-like. The consequences of violating these rules are listed as part of the code.  The Conduct Code may be changed upon recommendation of the Senior Patrol Leader, on behalf of the PLC; Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, or Committee Members.  Changes will be voted on at the annual Parent’s meeting in the Fall.


  • Good conduct is expected at all times.
  • Regular attendance is expected at Tuesday night meetings, on week-end camping trips, and other activities.
  • Scouts are expected to attend all functions that he signs up to participate in, whether a week-end camp-out activity, merit badge classes/courses at summer camp or Merit Badge Colleges, or specific troop activities at meetings.
  • Scouts are required to wear the appropriate uniform.
  • The Scout should bring his Boy Scout Handbook, pencil/pen, note pad to every meeting and all camp outs.
  • Scouts must show respect for the flag ceremony.
  • Scouts must show respect for the meeting facilities.
  • Scouts are expected to participate in Troop 308 service projects.
  • Scouts are expected to participate in Troop 308 fundraisers.
  • As the Scout matures, he will be expected to participate in leadership roles.

Conduct Code:

Troop 308 intends to maintain the high standards to which each Scout ascribes under the Scout Oath and Law.  The Troop has a large number of active Scouts who are usually trustworthy, courteous, and obedient.  However, certain rules must be stated and accepted to avoid misunderstandings or problems.  These rules apply when a Scout is under the responsibility of the Troop, i.e. any time his is with the Troop, either at the weekly meetings, on a camping trip, or attending another Troop or other BSA sponsored activity.  The rules and related disciplinary actions are listed below.

We do not tolerate the following:

  • The use of profanity.
  • Any form of hazing, physical or verbal harassment, malicious behavior directed toward others, or the intentional destruction of property.
  • Improper use of matches or lighters, knives, or permitted camp tools.

Discipline must be maintained for the adult and youth leaders to manage a large group of Scouts.

  1. Scouts acting in an unsafe or dangerous manner will be sent home immediately.
  2. For all other infractions:
  • For the first occurrence, during a meeting or outing, for inappropriate behavior such as described above, a conference will be held between the Scout and the Scoutmaster, or his designee.
  • At the second occurrence during the same meeting or outing or another meeting or outing, the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster will call the parent to come and the scout will be sent home. The parent must attend the entire meeting/outing for the next meeting/outing the Scout attends.
  • A third occurrence at a separate meeting or outing will cause the Scout to be sent home, parents called and the situation explained to them. The Scout may not attend activities for the next three weeks.
  • A fourth occurrence will result in the Scout’s parents being called, the Scout sent home and the situation explained. The Scoutmaster or his designee will schedule a meeting to discuss the situation with the parents and scout and his continued interest in Scouting.

NOTE:    The Scoutmaster, when enforcing the Code of Conduct, will take under advisement the timeframe of the occurrences.

The Scoutmaster will determine all necessary actions in regard to the Code of Conduct.  Consultation with the parents, the Troop Committee Chair or other adults will be at his discretion and their advice will be taken under advisement.

A Scout may be suspended immediately for:

  • The possession or use of any illegal drug or weapons.
  • Possession or use of firearms without proper adult supervision
  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco product
  • Stealing
  • Other behavior which the Scoutmaster deems to be excessively disruptive, distracting or contrary to the Scout Oath or Law.

Reinstatement of a suspended Scout will be under terms specified by the Scoutmaster with the concurrence of the Troop Committee Chair.


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