18301106_1342899415758311_5271891605601766399_nWelcome!  We were once just like you–wanting to continue exploring, learning, adventuring in scouting–wondering how we were going to fit that into our busy life.

We found that fit with Troop 308.  It was the best decision we could have made. We hope you will come to enjoy Boy Scouts just as much as you and your son have enjoyed Cub Scouts and that both of you will find our troop to be a good fit as you continue your scouting adventure!

Troop 308 has 88 Scouts and  51 registered adult leaders.  Many of our scouts are involved in all kinds of sports, arts and competitive academics.  We work with them to help them balance those activities with scouting.  They are encouraged to attend our meetings and participate in our activities as often as they can. We find this helps our boys stay in scouting and reap its benefits.

We host a Webelos-Troop Campout each fall and would love it if you would join us.  Your den has an open invitation to visit any of our Troop meetings.  (Some are more fun than others.  Contact us, so that we can pick a fun one.)

Continue your Scouting Adventure with Troop 308!


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