Troop Dues, Finances & Fundraising


Every January, the Troop collects dues for the year.  Currently, dues for Troop 308 are $65.00.  Dues are prorated based on the date joining and include the BSA registration fee.  If you are new to the troop and will be/have already filled out an online registration with BSA, your dues will be reduced by the $25.50 registration fee.


Uniform components may be purchased through our troop (shoulder loops, Unit number patch, cap, troop t-shirt and neckerchief (the first neckerchief and slide are a gift to each scout from our Scoutmaster.)  The other items may be purchased from the Scout Shop on Lake Air Dr.  This is a link to current price list.


  • The cost of outings is paid on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.
  • For camping trips, menus and costs for food are prepared by the Patrols. The patrols elect a Grubmaster for each camp out, who purchases the needed food.  The Grubmaster lets each patrol member know the amount of money required for each scout’s share of the food.  Please be considerate of each Grubmaster and their need for repayment.  If you indicate you are going on a camp out and food is purchased, and then your Scout cannot attend, you must still pay for the food; the money has already been spent.


Our fundraising event is the annual popcorn sales.  The Troop expects everyone to participate in the sale.  These items are very easy to sell, and the Troop makes a fair amount of money.  You can participate by selling during the Show N Sell program, selling in front of a store; or the Take Order sales, selling popcorn door to door.  You may participate in both!

Our profits purchase:

  • Registration fees for all scouts, currently $25.50 per scout
  • Advancement patches:  rank, merit badges, and special patches
  • Troop equipment
  • License plates and trailer insurance
  • Other items

Scouts are rewarded for their efforts by receiving a credit for a portion of the profits.  The amount of popcorn credits awarded is voted on yearly.  Currently, Scouts receive 100% of the profit they earned.

When looking at whether the credits are worth the effort, remember that a typical summer camp costs approximately $260.00, high adventure camps costs approximately $1,200.00 – $2,400.00, and Philmont Treks cost around $1,200.00.

NOTE:  Scouts who utilize the scholarship money the Troop garners from the Methodist Men’s Group, the Longhorn Council, or other outside sources; MUST sell popcorn.  This was voted on and approved by the Troop Committee in 2004. 

Troop Scholarships

The Troop offers scholarships for camps and dues on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Money needed for dues, weekend camping fees (not food costs), and other items, must be brought to the attention of the Troop Committee Chair as soon as the need arises.

Summer camp scholarships should be applied for as soon as summer camp signups begin.  This allows for the appropriate financial planning of the troop.  Additionally, your family should utilize the Longhorn Summer Camp Scholarship Form found on the Longhorn Council website.

If you have any questions concerning your financial situation, please contact either the Scoutmaster or the Troop Committee Chair.  All conversations are held in the strictest confidences.


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